A multitude of launchers - for a multitude of use

SPIKE-ER can be also be used as air-to-air or air-to-ground missile.

Air Operation

The fibre optic link enables the combat pilot precision attack manoeuvres within urban areas, mast down capability and real-time surveillance. The SPIKE-ER can be installed in the AH-1S Cobra, Agusta A-129, MD-500 Defenders, Gazelle, Mi-24 Hind and many more.


The Launcher

The launcher provides the following functions:
- Hosts up to four roundsy
- Supports operational and training missile
- Provides an electrical interface via 1553 Mux Bus between the rounds and the helicopter
- Allows rapid round loading and unloading - Provides full electronics, power supply and mechanical interface, easy customization for any modern combat helicopter.

Air Launcher