A multitude of launchers - for a multitude of use

SPIKE-ER can be launched from the sea fighting vehicles exterior or interior.

Sea Operation

SPIKE-ER Typhoon Launcher Application- Provides mechanical, gas and electrical interface for up to two SPIKE-ER Missile. The Launcher is fixed to one of the sides at the Typhoon Launcher.
The system will interface with Observation System of the platform for target acquisition and handover. It allows SPIKE-ER Missile slaving to Observation LOS or to LOS received from any other system (C4I, Radar, etc.).
Typhoon Launcher Application

SPIKE-ER Missile will be operated from dedicated station remotely and both operators (Boat navigator/steerer and missile operator) will be able to coordinate their action optimally visual and hearing contact available.
SPIKE-ER Sea-Launcher

The Typhon Launcher Application provides a easy installation of the SPIKE Missile System. The launcher (on the picture), for two SPIKE-ER rounds, is installed on the left or right side of a Typhoon turret.