Training on the SPIKE System

The SPIKE Training Systems

Mechanical Training Equipment

The MT devices are used for training the operator in handling the equipment in field and are used to develop the skills of the operator in carrying the system, and in assembly and disassembly provedures. Their use will avoid damaging the operational equiptment during this training.

The MT Round and MT CLU are mechanically interfaced together, to form a dummy SPIKE systems with the actual Tripod.

All of the MT components hava a similar shape, weight, center of gravity, and mechanical interfaces as the actual SPIKE combat equipment. They have the same logistic and tactical containers as the combat system.

IDT (Indoor Trainer Stand-Alone)

The IDT trains the operator through the complete training sequence, from optical or thermal sight surveillance of a simulated image to missile hit. It can also provide system assembly and disassembly training.

The IDT provides a simulation of all systems operational features (aural, felling, ergonomics, controls response, visual images through the sights, symbols and command function messages), as well as a battlefield visual view and effects, and static and moving different type of targets and other objects of interest.

The IDT leads the Gunner through all stages of the firing sequence up to the target impact.

An instructor is able to monitor, observe, insert faults, activate different scenarios including Counter-measures (CM), and record and evaluate the trainee's performance and achievments.

The IDT can be networked with other IDTs in order to carry out collective training exercise.

ODT (Outdoor Trainer)

The ODT allows to train operators in real field environment.

Training with these Training Rounds enables the Gunner to gain real experience in system operation and practice all pre-firing sequences up to the firing action.

One ODT consists of:

Combat Firing Post, Training Missile, external gas adapter, gas bottle, Command Recording Unit, and an External Power Supply.