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Eurospike is a joint venture based in Röthenbach a.d. Pegnitz between Diehl Defence GmbH & Co. KG, Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd.

Eurospike is responsible for the marketing of the missiles of the SPIKE family in Europe. The missile is produced at several sites in Germany. Commonalities between the missiles of the SPIKE family ensure a cost advantage in the production and consequently in the purchase, maintenance and training in the use of specific missiles.

Additionally due to the success of SPIKE sales throughout Europe, most members of the NATO alliance are SPIKE users which ensures interoperability and also has advantages when needing to stock during exercises.

Spike Family

The missile family is comprised of: SPIKE SR, the new Spike LR2 and ER2 ranges up to 10 km,
as well as the Spike NLOS ranging from 50 m to 30 km.

SPIKE SR The SPIKE SR is a light weight shoulder launched fully disposable Fire and Forget missile with an effective range of 50-2000 meters. The SPIKE SR fulfills the anti-tank operational requirements of many if not most European armed forces.

The state of the art seeker technology (day/night), including uncooled IIR, high resolution CCD as well as an optimized tracker is tailored to the needs of infantry forces in a variety of operational and environmental scenarios.

SPIKE LR2 The SPIKE LR2 is a 5th generation precision guided missile system designed for the modern warfare with multiplatform, multipurpose capabilities including Manual / Fire and Forget / Fire, observe and update capabilities as well as abilities of third party target allocation (launch to grid coordinates in no line of sight) based on an internal IMU.

The SPIKE LR2 is light weight, has enhanced lethality and excellent standoff of 5.5 km (ground) to 10 km (air) which makes it the ideal munition for infantry as well as for light attack helicopters.

SPIKE ER2 The SPIKE ER2 is a multi-purpose multi-platform missile system for ranges up to 10 km. The SPIKE ER2 has been integrated onto various types of platforms around the world including attack helicopters, naval boats as well as wheeled and tracked vehicles.

The relative lightweight and excellent stand-off features of the SPIKE ER2 (including Fire and Forget and Fire and Observe capabilities) with a range of 10 km makes the SPIKE ER2 an excellent weapon of choice both for attack helicopters and ground vehicles allowing to engage enemy tank & armour targets well out of their detection range.

SPIKE NLOS The SPIKE NLOS (Non-Line-of-Sight) is precision guided missile with a excellent legacy of operational use by the different SPIKE User nations. The NLOS is a multi-purpose, multi-platform electro-optical missile system with real-time wireless data link for ranges up to 30 km. SPIKE NLOS is ideal as a maneuvering PGM for precision attack in great stand-off.

The weapon system is integrated today on modern attack helicopters allowing engagement of target well out of the air defense range as well as engagement from vehicles in hidden locations and maritime vessels for precision engagement sea-to sea or sea to inner land.


In conjunction with the SPIKE weapon system themselves EuroSpike also offers different types of training for the SPIKE weapon systems:

The Indoor trainer (IDT) takes the operator through the complete training sequence, from target acquisition based on a simulated image through to a SPIKE Missile launch and hit. The IDTs provide a simulation of all of the systems operational features (aural sensing, ergonomics, controls response, visual images through the sights, symbols and command function messages).

The outdoor trainer (ODT) uses a training round to train and practice the gunner in the operation of the system through all of the pre-firing sequences right up to the firing act, all within a real-life environment. The ODT/IDT is used to reduce the costs of live missile firing.


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