An extended range precision tactical missile weapon system for infantry, naval vessels and attack helicopters.


The SPIKE ER is a multi-purpose, multi-platform missile system for ranges up to 8 km. The SPIKE ER has not only Fire and forget capability, but also Fire, Observe and Update capability enabling targeting changes in real-time.

It was designed to be mounted on combat vehicles, helicopters and naval vessels.

In addition to the above modes of operation the SPIKE ER also has a Fire and Steer mode where the operator can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target. He can then manually steer the missile towards the target.

The SPIKE ER Launcher is a true multi-platform missile, integrated on more than 40 different platforms throughout the world, from light wheeled vehicles through to tracked armoured vehicles; from light RIB boats to heavy frigates, and from light armoured scout helicopters to heavily armed combat helicopter gunships.


Pinpoint Accuracy

High hit/kill probability with enhanced accuracy including lofted trajectory.

Abort Mission Cabability

Ability to update/change targets during flight.

Attack concealed targets

Ability to change trajectory to attack hidden targets.

Real-time Surveillance

A fibre-optic data link provides the gunner with real-time information.



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