The modern light tactical missile system for infantry, armoured vehicles, naval vessels and attack helicopters.


The SPIKE LR2 is an advanced state-of-the-art 5th generation multipurpose multi-platform missile. It is backwards compatible to the previous Long Range generation.

The LR2 is the result of a long-executed strategy of continuously improving the SPIKE missile family. The innovation of the LR2 speaks for itself: enhanced engagement range; enhanced lethality, weight reduction both of the missile and the launcher.

For the enhanced lethality the LR2 includes two unique state-of-the-art advanced and highly capable warhead configurations:

  • a tandem HEAT (High Explosive Anti-Tank) warhead configuration, enhancing the armour penetration capability by more than 30%, and

  • a new multipurpose blast warhead that includes controlled fusing for control of the desired effect.

Selecting breach mode the new warhead can breach up to 20cm of reinforced concrete (with reinforcing bars) and detonate within the structure.


Pinpoint Accuracy

High hit/kill probability with enhanced accuracy including lofted trajectory.

Abort Mission Cabability

Ability to update/change targets during flight.

Attack concealed targets

Ability to change trajectory to attack hidden targets.

Real-time Surveillance

A fibre-optic data link provides the gunner with real-time information.



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